Koh Lanta's Jungle is the Asalanta Education Park's Core


At Asalanta we practice, promote, and educate our community and visitors about natural building, sustainable bamboo, and creative recycling. We strive to be a learning hub to inspire sustainable changes back home. Thai locals, international visitors, and people of all backgrounds coalesce into a learning community at Asalanta. We organize games and activities for local Thai children at our education park to teach practical skills, sustainability, and appreciation for the environment. We love international visitors joining the sessions to help improve the children’s English while having lots of fun!


How You Can Participate at Asalanta's Education Park

Learn hands-on skills to design and craft eco-friendly products. Our workshops include: natural building, sustainable bamboo, or jewelry making.

Organize an educational family outing, school excursion, or team-building activity.

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